The Golden Path to Enlightenment – Surrender, The Ultimate Spiritual Path

 There are such a lot of issues we should all launch, and it typically looks like an insurmountable and limitless process.  Fortuitously, there’s a approach to impact fast and wide-spread releases so it isn’t essential to enumerate or keep in mind each final merchandise to be launched.  It’s all completed by way of the method of give up. To turn out to be free from the ache and limitations of life, it’s essential to launch the previous, and meditation coupled with give up is the way in which.

If you first hear that you’re to give up, you may really feel threatened for you keep in mind using that phrase in warfare through which the facet that loses surrenders. Like many individuals surrendering, dropping their properties and being banished to the wilderness and desert areas.  However the give up I’m speaking about does not imply giving up your energy or anything.  It’s not resignation. It’s really increasing right into a better empowerment – surrendering to one thing better. This is the way it works…

You have heard the phrase, ‘Thy can be completed.’ It’s half of what’s known as, The Lord’s Prayer.  Most individuals assume this implies resigning to the mysterious unknown will of God, and it would imply that God’s will is so that you can be sick and poor and there’s no approach to know for positive. Fortunately, it doesn’t imply that. It doesn’t imply surrendering to an ‘unknown thriller.

If you give up to God, you might be surrendering to the Infinite, not the finite. The need of God can solely be on your better good. By that I imply better life, better love, better happiness, better abundance, better expression, in truth, as a lot life as one can conceive will turn out to be part of that individual’s expertise. This is why…

Keep in mind the scripture that claims, “By any means a person sows, that shall he additionally reap.” That verse is usually quoted in reference to karma, and normally in a destructive manner. However what meaning in different phrases is, The Universe all the time says, sure to no matter you suppose, say or do.  As you retain your thoughts centered on the best good you possibly can conceive, that’s what unfolds for you an increasing number of.

The Legislation of life is that this, God and the Universe are inclined to multiply and increase our items as a result of in so doing God and the Universe expands Its personal expertise, Its personal pleasure, Its personal love, Its personal emotions of success, pleasure, ecstasy, and so forth.  So while you give up, you might be surrendering to an increasing number of of what life might be. Many individuals suppose they’re speculated to be proud of much less and suppose they’re surrendering to much less. The precise reverse is true.

Give up means “taking no thought” and watching because the “Pink Sea” of obstacles elements earlier than you. Sure, obstacles soften, and the hand of God goes earlier than you to straighten out all of the crooked locations. You keep centered in your highest good, and you might be taken care of.

Give up is belief to the best energy. It’s letting go of controlling “how” life will manifest for you, however realizing it’s all the time the enlargement of Good. Give up is releasing how we thought issues ought to be, to make room for the best good possible.

So undergo your life and quit, launch and totally give up the whole lot you possibly can consider; that is the artwork and science of give up.  Give up each individual, each possession, each feeling, each hope, each want, the whole lot you want and do not like. Embrace: your physique, your should be proper, your desires, your fears, your grey hair, your fats abdomen, your anger, your thoughts, your mortgage, your mate, your worry, your should be enlightened, your discouragement, your kids, your pals, your enemies, your money owed, your lacks, your limitations, your impatience, your thoughts, and your life. Then affirm your highest beliefs which is the pure unfolding of your True Self. Maintain to these beliefs no matter outer circumstances, and the world of illusions will soften and a better actuality will unfold round you.

Jonathan Parker is the founder and director of Quantum Quests Worldwide. For over 30 years he has been a counselor, workshop facilitator and creator of one of many largest self-development libraries on this planet. It’s his voice you’ll hear on greater than 1,000 CD packages he has produced. The are listed on his web site and in his free print catalog. There may be way more on give up in a 6 CD program on the topic. Jonathan has college levels in Training, Chemistry, Theology, Counseling Psychology, and Human Habits & Improvement, however his life-long relentless quest for unraveling the various questions and mysteries of life additionally led him on a broad journey into comparative faith, quantum physics, scientific psychology, Huna, Theosophy, botany, astronomy, Sufism, diet, music, hypnosis, psychic phenomena, NLP, power medication, meditation, and metaphysics.

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